Cruz James

I never knew what true love was until I heard your little cry for the first time.

I never knew what true love was until I held you in my arms.


I never knew that there was such a thing as perfection until I saw your little face.

I never knew how much a 5lb, 9oz ,18 inch little baby would change my world forever.



I never knew how beautiful this bond would be.

I never knew you were my missing puzzle piece.


I never want you to forget just how loved you truly are.

I never want you to be anything but you…because YOU are my favorite guy.


I never would have imagined just how fast time would fly.


I am so honored to be your mommy.

I love you to the moon and back x’s infinity Cruzie!

Happy Birthday <3<3<3<3



The Mom Shaming Is Real

In the 4 years that I have been a Mom, I have had conversations with other Moms that have made me feel supported, understood and appreciated. There are Moms out there that will go out of their way to be helpful and to let you know that you are not alone. They give you helpful tips and tricks and they don’t make you feel guilty when you say things like “I just need some alone time. Just for a couple of hours. To decompress.”   They get it, parenting can be hard. And to those Moms, the ones that get it, I appreciate you and I see you.

    Unfortunately, not all of my interactions with Moms have been pleasant. I have come across some Mothers that have this notion that I am open to criticism simply because I am a Mom just like they are. They try to dress their judgements up with little bows and try to make it sound all pretty so it won’t cut as deep or so that I won’t realize what they are doing (I see it Susan…I see it). They say things like “No offense” and “In my opinion” when referring to how I parent my children. MY children.

    Thankfully, It has become easier over the years to let those comments roll of my back because I know that I am doing a great job as Mother. I don’t need anyone’s stamp of approval to know that. The part about all of this that bothers me is women not lifting each other up. It is the judgements on what we should feed our kids. How long we should be breastfeeding. How we discipline our kids. It is the, my children are better than your children because (insert judgmental reason here).

Imagine what a wonderful community we could have as Mothers if the shaming stopped. If we all acknowledged that, yes, we don’t make the same choices as parents but you know what, that’s ok, because we all have the same goal at the end of the day. To raise happy, healthy, strong, independent, loving humans.

    Trying to navigate through “Motherland” can have its ups and downs. In essence we tend to mom shame ourselves at times. Always wondering “ Am I doing this right? I couldn’t possibly be.” “I shouldn’t of done/said that. I am a horrible Mom.” “Why can’t I be more like ____? She seems to have it all together” (she doesn’t).  Always second guessing our gut instincts and hoping that we are doing “this” right. Don’t let the shaming get you down. Regardless of how much we may second guess ourselves, at the end of the day, You are the one in YOUR shoes. You know your children better than anyone on this planet and if a Debbie downer tries to get in your head with the judgements, remind yourself that YOU are in the driver’s seat. You make the call. You’re the head Momma of your tribe. You got this.


5 Things I Am Thankful For Today: Thanksgiving

I am thankful for so much more but I wanted to highlight these since they are the first things I thought of this morning.

1. I am thankful for my family. My hubby, my son and my daughter. They are my everything and then some ❤

2. I am thankful for my health. And that I am able to be here for my kids and the hubz.

3. I am thankful for my home and all of the memories that we have and will create.

4  I am thankful for our jobs.

5. I am thankful for Today, Tomorrow and for what is to come ❤

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍂

Leave a comment letting me know what you are Thankful for. ❤

What a day…


All I can say is that today has been one of those days for me. One of those “I’m going to count to 3” (a hundred times) days. One of those “why aren’t you listening to mommy?!” Days. One of those “let me check the moon calender (I’m sure there is a name for that but I can’t think of it atm) cause I know it HAS to be a full moon tonight” days. 

Being a mother can be a serious emotional roller coaster! I thought terrible twos were bad. But I have come to find that there isn’t anyone on this planet that is as persistent as a Threenager. 

I know that there are rough days (and from what I hear they are only going to get worse) . But to be honest most of the time there are wonderful, warm and fuzzy, loving days (I live for those days). 

As far as today goes ….nothing a glass of vino and some netflix can’t fix. 😊

Hope you all had a great weekend ❤

Leave me a comment letting me know what you do when your toddlers are having “a day”. And if you had a day like I did…. I am proud of you for getting through it! You are killing this parent thing 😙

My little loves ❤

Cruz James and Chloe Jean ❤💙

These two have turned my world all sorts of upside down, right side up and side to side. When I found out I was expecting my daughter I felt what many mothers feel. The “how can I ever love any one as much as I love my first born.” I would look at Cruz and randomly cry (hormones lol) because it felt that maybe he would feel less love after Chloe was born. I would have conversations with my hubby about how we have to make sure to show him alot of attention when she arrives. I was so worried about that. I was worried about how he would adjust to everything.

And before we knew it , Chloe was born. At 37 weeks . She was 4lbs 9 oz 16 inches. A tiny little thing. She was perfect (just like Cruz at his 5lbs 9oz and 18 inches 💙). And my heart doubled with love. I couldn’t picture my life with just one child anymore. I dealt with some baby blues after having her but even through that I was full of love for both of them.  They are the fuel behind everything. My reason. My why. ❤

Mommy loves you ❤

(Birth stories coming soon 😙)

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